Guided Tours

Basic Circuit

By a pleasant walk through the picturesque streets, we will discover the most important monuments of the historical part of Bratislava – the Cathedral of St. Martin, where the coronations of kings took place. We will further follow the footsteps of famous musicians through the Ventúrska Street (Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Liszt and others). We will sight the Universitas Istropolitana, which started the history of higher education in Slovakia and we will take a joy in sighting the burgher’s houses on the way to the Michael’s Gate.

At the Primate’s Square, we will delight in the Archbishop’s Palace, walk through the beautiful romantic Town Hall Square to the Main Square where we will be greeted by the proudly rising medieval town hall tower. Further along, we will sight historical buildings, the Slovak Philharmonic, the Carlton Hotel and the Slovak National Theater. In addition to the historical facts, the walk is animated by many interesting facts or legends.